What Are The Types Of Mezzanine Floors?

Mezzanine refers to the levels between the ceiling and floor of a storey. The most generic use of mezzanine floors is for storing goods. Installing them has plenty of advantages associated with it. In fact, they are quick to install, efficiently increase productivity, and maximise the use of the space by creating a separation between ceiling and floor.

A mezzanine is modular, mobile, and scalable to meet your needs. One can re-sold or move these floors to another area if necessary. There are different types of mezzanine floors. For example, warehouse mezzanine, office mezzanine, retail mezzanine, and storage mezzanine. Each floor has a separate function.

Some of the different types of mezzanine floors are:

  • Warehouse Mezzanine
    The main objective of a warehouse mezzanine is to hold, deliver, and obtain a large number of goods regularly. Such a mezzanine floor is an efficient way of increasing the storage space for any commercial use. Large industrial organisations use warehouse mezzanine as the only solution for storing heavy goods. 
    It is supported by cold-rolled floor slabs, shelves, and extra floors. In fact, it is segregated into heavy-duty and medium-sized mezzanines.
    The manufacturers specialise in making warehouse mezzanines where they get to show their capability to design and manufacture a mezzanine to install it in an area for specified requirements.

  • Retail Mezzanine
    The growing market increases the demand of the customers. It directly leads to a hike in the number of customers in your retail store. Do you think about outgrowing the retail store you own?
    Renting or purchasing a new retail store will make a hole in your pocket. So, installing a retail mezzanine is the best option. Sufficient space between your ceiling and floor is enough to add space to your retail store. The retail mezzanine floor will act as an additional platform for your work. The mezzanine floor also creates a pleasant environment for the customers visiting your retail store. 
    You can add many elements to give a soothing look to your mezzanine. Accessories like removable safety barriers, gateways, access stamps, conveyors, stairways, and mezzanine slides can be used. Commercial Mezzanine is one such manufacturer that provides you with the best furnishing and interior designs.

  • Production Mezzanine
    The increasing demand of customers requires the manufacturing process to grow too. A production mezzanine helps to increase the productivity of the business.Renting a new production place involves time-consuming activities like relocating all the resources, getting the additional facilities, and adjusting the production plant. Therefore, shifting to a new area interrupts the revenue-generating business to offer the customers consistent value. However, you can avoid these obstacles by installing a production mezzanine floor. One of the misconceptions among retail shopkeepers is that a mezzanine floor is weak and temporary. However, mezzanine floors can help you to hold more than 4000 kgs per square metre. You can visit Commercial Mezzanine to get this type of mezzanine floor for your business.

  • Multi-Tier Mezzanine
    Do you need a substantial amount of space for producing, manufacturing, or storing your goods? A multi-tier mezzanine utilises all the space in your existing area to provide you with a considerable amount of space.
    A multi-tier mezzanine refers to a structure with multiple floor layers in an area. A common or standard mezzanine floor offers one extra floor to your space. However, a multi-tier space offers two or more floors in the same area.
    There are several benefits of installing a multi-tier mezzanine floor:

    • Cost-effective choice to expand your premises. 
    • Doesn’t stop the revenue-generating business from providing the customer with value. 
    • Adds a significant amount of space to help you increase productivity. 
    • You get the flexibility to store or obtain anything.A multi-tier mezzanine not only adds space but utilises existing space to help you increase the flexibility of usage ( machinery, goods, and many more things). You can add ‘n’ number of floors as per your space and volume. If you are someone who doesn’t have a high budget, a multi-tier mezzanine floor is the one for you.

  • Conclusion
    Commercial Mezzanine’ with the expertise of more than 20 long years has helped several businesses to increase productivity and profitability. 
    Once you choose Commercial Mezzanine for installing an extra floor in your space, you can relax, sit back and see your interior getting refurnished most efficiently. Connect with us and get the following benefits:
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    4. Sustainable approach – We help you choose the most sustainable floors that can carry up to 4000 Kgs of weight per square metre. 

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