Quality Standard

What is it?

Ever wondered how much of your warehouse space you are wasting just by not utilizing the space efficiently? Growing businesses need to utilise that unused space to increase productivity and storage. Building a mezzanine floor in your facility or commercial space is the best way to use your resources to its optimum potential.

Here at Commercial Mezzanine, we ensure to provide mezzanine flooring systems of the highest quality that double or triple the facility’s floor space without increasing the area. Our mezzanine installations are of the highest quality standard, and we make sure to follow all safety protocols as governed by the UK laws.

Scope of the Service

The overhead space in buildings with high-ceilings often goes unused, and the solution to utilize this space is in the form of a mezzanine floor. It can be used in different ways while maintaining all the quality standards at the same time.

  • The mezzanine floor increases the storage capacity, which can be used any way the facility sees fit. The lack of space may lead to disorganized, less productive, and less profitable outcomes.
  • Mezzanine floors are efficient, quick to install, and remunerative. Installing a mezzanine floor will be more affordable than extending or moving premises.
  • Everyone has unique needs. Mezzanine floors are customizable to meet the precise requirements; planning permission is not required in general, so it is a straightforward and cost-effective process.
  • Usually, when people buy a warehouse, they tend to do office work in the warehouse. Everything we do need is a little more space, and the mezzanine floor builders can provide that.

Reasons to Count on Us?

Commercial Mezzanine provides you time-efficient and cost-effective services of the highest quality, making us one of the best mezzanine floor suppliers in all of the UK. 

  • Site Surveys: We believe in quality communication. We prefer site surveys to understand your requirements to design customized mezzanine space that is made explicitly by keeping your needs and quality standards in mind.
  • Fast Responses: Once we receive the project, we secure all material in one go with all requirements, and we offload it to the site. Our work is time efficient and customer satisfactory. 
  • Best Quality Service: We provide end-to-end solutions. We have a team with more than 15 years of experience with professional staff and excellent customer service.
  • Durability and Safety: Our mezzanine floors are durable, strong, and reliant in terms of quality. People rely on our mezzanine quality, and we provide the service as per our client’s requirements.
  • Turn-key Solutions: We provide turn-key solutions. After surveying the site and noting all the needs of the client, we make a list of all the requirements to complete the project. We secure duplicate keys of the site from the client and hand over the keys once the work has been completed.

How do we proceed?

The right mezzanine floor supplier must proceed with the best technique to complete the work in no time and provide customer satisfaction while maintaining all the quality standards. Our process is simple yet effective and pleasing.

When we receive a project, our first aim is to understand the project. We then survey the site with our experienced and professional team to analyze the requirements and plan the project accordingly.

Once we understand your requirements, we form an estimate of the expected expenditure. Our team provides you with a detailed project plan with all the technical drawings and price quotations.

Once we decide to proceed with the project, we provide the turn-key solutions where we take the keys from the customer after getting a note of all the requirements.

We secure all the material at one go with all the requirements. Then we offload on the site and start the work in the most economical, time-effective, environment effective way. We complete the work as soon as possible, and after completing the project, we hand over the keys to the customer.