Mezzanine Floor Installation

What is it?

Growing businesses need extra space to ensure productivity and streamlined operations. However, investing in a new workspace can result in the disorientation of the existing operations. If you wish to use the unused space in your warehouse facility rather than relocating your company, mezzanine floor installation is the perfect solution for you.

As one of the leading mezzanine floor suppliers, we aim to provide customized mezzanine flooring systems to expand your workspace. Our team of experts makes sure to follow mezzanine building regulations to provide you effective solutions that follow the industry’s high standards.

Scope of the Service

There are often unused spaces at our workplace that can be utilized efficiently by installing mezzanine floors. There are multiple advantages to installing suspended floors to use up the extra space:

  • If your warehouse facility or office has high-ceilings, installing mezzanine floors will improve your workforce’s productivity to a great extent by adding extra space.
  • Every workforce has their distinctive requirements. Installing customizable mezzanine flooring is advantageous for companies that wish to plan out their office layout as per their needs.
  • Installing mezzanine floors is a much better and affordable option than relocating and resetting your workplace to a new area.
  • A little more space can work wonders. Mezzanine flooring systems provide you with increased space to ensure a more organized set up of your workplace.
  • Mezzanine floors are quick to install and cost-effective. They are easy to mount and dismount, which makes it possible for warehouse owners to customize their ground plan according to their changing needs.

Reasons to count on us?

We at Commercial Mezzanine provide one of the best mezzanine floor installation services in very little time. Mezzanine floor installation is a quick process that we do by using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology. 

  • Fast and Efficient: Our customer service executives are always available to answer all your questions regarding the mezzanine floor regulations and installation. 
  • Durability and Safety: We provide services as per the customer’s requirement without compromising the quality standards that we maintain. We ensure installing the mezzanine floor by following mezzanine floor height regulations as governed by UK laws. 
  • Best quality service: Our professional team of trained and certified experts has experience of more than 15 years in flooring, electrical, and designing of mezzanine floors.
  • Turn-key solutions: After understanding the project, analyzing the site, and listening to customers’ needs, we make sure to complete the project within the stipulated time while taking all kinds of safety precautions.

How do we Proceed?

Here at Commercial Mezzanine, we follow a detailed process while following all the safety regulations.

  • Reach out to us: You can always reach out to us via call or by email. Once you convey your requirements to us, we make sure to understand the project to provide you with the best-in-class mezzanine solutions.
  • Site survey: Our experienced team conducts a site survey to understand the dimensions and available space of your warehouse or office space. We aim to provide customised solutions as per the area of your warehouse or commercial space.
  • Quotation of Price: Once we understand the project’s requirements, our team provides you with a rough draft of the installation process along with the estimated price quotation.
  • Calculations and Designing: We organize the installation plan using 3D drawings to provide you with a virtual idea of mezzanine floor installation.
  • Installation: Before proceeding with the installation, we secure all required material in one go with the help of our in-house production team. We combine state-of-the-art technology and high-quality material to ensure a durable and safe installation. Upon successful completion, we handover the duplicate key to our client.

For more information about mezzanine floor regulations, call 020 3915 8007 and avail of our services today!