Retail Mezzanine

What is it?

As your business grows, so does your demand for space. You suddenly require extra space for storage and display. How can you solve this problem quickly without much expenditure? Call Commercial Mezzanine to install retail mezzanine floors within your existing space.

With mezzanine floors, you can expand your store to make it look stylish and spacious. Whether you add a mezzanine to your retail business or your cafe, the outcome is positive. Expansion of space will streamline operations and increase product display, and your customers will also have an improved shopping and in-store experience.

What are the benefits of Retail Mezzanine?

Adding a retail mezzanine floor has several benefits for your business.

  • Increased space: There is increased space for display, browsing, and storing your products. It helps you organise your products and makes it easier for your staff to navigate through the system. If you are a cafe or a restaurant, you will have more space to accommodate dine-in customers.
  • Saves time and money: Relocating your business for better storage is a tough choice. Not only does it cost time and money, but you also end up losing valuable customers for whom the change of location might not be suitable. Opting for a retail mezzanine not only saves you a few bucks but also allows you to utilise your time and money on other important things. It saves you the effort needed to move to a new place.
  • Customer experience: Ensuring a seamless customer experience is your topmost priority. With improved space, you can display your products in an organised manner, making it easy for the customer to browse and select. Additionally, extra space gives off airy and spacious vibes, which add to your business’ overall aesthetics. Cafes and restaurants will have more space so that the customers can have an enjoyable dine-in experience.
  • Increased square footage: A retail mezzanine floor adds value to your property while costing less to install. The right mezzanine system could help you accelerate sales and thus an increased ROI.

Why Should You Choose Us?

With the right mezzanine provider, you can maximise your space and profit from the improved business. Here are some reasons why Commercial Mezzanine is perfect for you.


With more than 24 years of experience, we have designed mezzanine floors, done fit out and supplied furniture for almost all industries. Our service quality and delivery are renowned all over the UK. We provide some of the best retail mezzanine systems at affordable prices.

Retail & Commercial Fit Out & Furniture all under one roof

Along with mezzanine flooring, we have over 20 years experience in Retail Space Planning, Interior Design, Fit Out, Refurbishment, Partition and Furniture. We manage everything from start to finish. In short, we are an end to end turnkey solution for Retail Fit Out & Refurbishment.


Quality of service is essential. Our dedicated experienced team have all the necessary certifications and meet all the quality standards. We are one of the few companies that provide end to end turn-key solutions, right from CAT A, mezzanine, fit out and furniture for retail.

Customer Service

We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our support team is available to answer your queries and fix your appointments and after-care quickly.