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Install Retail Mezzanine In Your Shop, Restaurant, Or Cafe

What is it?

Retail spaces require proper planning, storage space, and customer seating or standing space to provide the best customer service. Installing retail mezzanine floors is the best option if you plan to expand your retail store to accommodate more products on display, create more seating areas for dine-in customers, or more loft space to provide a great customer experience.

Mezzanine storage is an intermediate floor that can be installed in shops with high-ceilings. It is suspended in the form of a balcony and provides additional floor space in the existing infrastructure. Multi-tiered mezzanine floor enables retail shops to carry out multiple operations in the unused space of establishments.

Additionally, it is costly to shift to a newer space and relocate your entire shop, restaurant, or cafe. Installing a retail mezzanine in your shops or restaurants is a task that can be completed in 7-10 days, giving you increased storage space affordably. Also, since it can be done in such a short period, your downtime is practically nil. Even though it may seem a bit tiresome, it can be executed efficiently with the right planning.

One more crucial thing to remember while installing commercial mezzanine floors in your shop is how the furniture is placed in the space you have as it plays a significant role in attracting more customers into your shop, restaurant, or cafe. An aesthetic appearance can go a long way with your customers.

Other things that may be included in your shop or cafe’s refurbishment are the careful planning of stairs or installing handrails wherever necessary. Similarly, new doors and windows can be installed for more security. All these things affect the aura or ambience of your shop, restaurant, or cafe in a significant way. If performed efficiently, they can give you an edge over your competitors with extra storage space.

What is the scope of this service?

Installation of mezzanine floors can make your space bigger that you can utilize to carry out additional operations.

  • The utilization of unused space: You can convert your unutilized space into a useful commodity. By layering retail mezzanine floors, you will get space to make more rooms to expand your business.
  • Increased efficiency to work: Installation of a mezzanine floor and pallet gates will make it easy to carry goods from one floor to another. The increased efficiency in the work-rate will lead you to more profits.
  • Customer-friendly: You can make your shop customer-friendly by the layering of a commercial mezzanine. It will help you showcase more products in different store sections, thus increasing the display and sale of products. For cafes and restaurants, it will also help with additional seating space for customers.
  • Affordability: Opting for commercial mezzanine installations instead of buying and relocating into a new retail space is cost-efficient. Mezzanine floors can be planned as per your requirements and budget and are a more reasonable option for any retail store.

Our Services

Along with these services, we also provide several other services to our customers, such as a Mezzanine balustrade system, decking system, staircase, pallet gates, handrail system, floor fire protection, etc.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Here at Commercial Mezzanine, we believe in the power of mezzanine floors to optimize your retail space. Multi-tiered mezzanine floors can work wonders for any business if appropriately executed by a team of professionals. 

  • Our Experience: With over 20 years in office design and refurbishment, we have helped clients from various backgrounds expand their shop space at affordable prices.
  • Certified Experts team: Our team of professionals has several years of experience in flooring, electrical, and interior design solutions to create the best mezzanine floors. Our designers and contract managers plan out every aspect of the installation to provide an excellent outcome. 
  • Cost-effective Services: Along with installing the commercial mezzanine floor, we also manage our clients’ budgets. We provide customized solutions as per the layout of the retail store within the stipulated budget. 
  • Excellent Client Support: Our customer executives’ team makes sure to understand client requirements and plan out the course of action accordingly. We’re always available for any queries or doubts. 

The Process

At Commercial Mezzanine, we follow a simple approach that is designed to produce fast and efficient results. The process is to make it easy for clients to contact and provide us with the requirements.

  • If you are looking to install a retail mezzanine in your shop, you can reach out to us on 020 3915 8007 or email us at After the conversation, our expert team will visit the site and survey the space.
  • By visiting the site, our experts try to understand the best mezzanine solution for you. We make sure to understand your requirements as per the dimensions of your retail store.
  • Once the analysis is done and specifications are taken note of, we will provide a quotation to complete the project. Along with the quote, we provide an overview of the plan.
  • Our competent team will move ahead with the design and technical specifications of the project. After finalizing the mezzanine floor’s dimensions, our team will move forward with the procurement and installation of the suspended floor.
  • We provide turn-key, end-to-end solutions and install the final product by using state-of-the-art technology.

Feel free to reach out to us at 020 3915 8007 or email us at for a price quotation!