Mezzanine Floor Regulations

What is it?

Mezzanine floors, also known as intermediate floors or additional floors, are widely used in the corporate world due to their ability to deliver more space for storage and an alternative approach to traditional designs. For storage purposes and enhancing the design of a building’s whole outlook, mezzanine floors are always considered the most effective and sustainable addition. The mezzanine floor regulations play a vital role in preserving and maintaining the quality and standard of a mezzanine floor.

Scope of the Service

Do you know that utilising unused spaces of warehouses can prove to be essential to increase the productivity of a workforce? Mezzanine floors are one of the greatest inventions that secure wasted space in buildings with high-ceilings to increase the storage area. Mezzanine floor regulations will guide us to plan the installation of mezzanine floor systems as per the industry standards.

Fire Protection

Mezzanine flooring for storage purposes often requires a fire protection review. Installing intermediate floors or additional floors with proper fire protection is of utmost importance to ensure everyone’s safety. In the United Kingdom, a mezzanine floor will need to be fire rated in the following cases:

  • If the floor is used for any other purpose besides storage.
  • If the mezzanine floor’s dimensions are greater than 20 metres in each direction and the size exceeds 400 sq.m.
  • If the installed mezzanine floor exceeds 50% or more of the floor area of the space in which it is installed.

Dimensions of Mezzanine Floors

The average dimensions of mezzanine floors are mentioned below in the table.

Building Type One Direction  Two Directions
Office 18m(12m) 45m(30m)
Industrial 25m(17m) 45m(30m)
Storage 25m(17m) 45m(30m)

Ancillary Use

Buildings and storage areas more than 280 sq m like an industrial site or office should use mezzanine floors to increase the storage area in their site. As the area above the floor in buildings with high-ceilings is mostly unused, installing cost-effective mezzanine floors will contribute to the aesthetics and productivity of the facility.

Proper Lighting

The adjustment and setup of lighting should always be taken care of while installing mezzanine floors. As suspended floors may block the source of light if not planned properly, it is crucial to determine the installation’s location according to the light source. Having an internal staircase with proper lighting will enhance the overall outlook and safety of the user of the intermediate floor.

Additional fittings required

  • Internal Staircase
    To have secure and stable access to the intermediate floor, a properly built internal staircase is mandatory. An internal Staircase should be created according to the space available and the material used in the formation of the intermediate floor. Additionally, an internal staircase should be built to have easy and safe access to the intermediate floor, keeping mezzanine floor regulations in mind.
  • Safety Gate
    Our first priority will always be the safety of our customers. Hence, a safety gate having all the required safety gear will be used for the intermediate floor formation. Having a stable base and properly functional lock and alarm system is extremely crucial.
  • Stable and Strong Base of Mezzanine
    Keeping all the mezzanine floor regulations in mind, a strong and stable base of the intermediate floor will always be used in the construction.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are a preferred mezzanine construction company and have worked with several clients across a lot of industries all over the UK. We make sure to follow high-quality safety standards with the proper execution of mezzanine floor regulations.  The Points we always take care of:

  • Our team comprises fully trained professional staff who have more than 15 years of experience in mezzanine floor construction.
  • With a meticulous site survey, we make sure to work with accurate dimensions and specifications to provide the perfect customised solutions.
  • We always devote adequate time to safety precautions like a fire alarm and extra support setup.
  • We organise the proper installation of water and electricity supply without compromising on the appearance of your mezzanine floor.
  • Our dedicated customer service executives provide the quickest responses to our customers in case of any queries regarding installation, setup changes, etc.

The Process

Our team’s goal is to deliver the best possible product and services to our customers. Our process starts after receiving a query from you. After properly understanding and analysing the project, we visit the site to gather the information required to plan the best possible structure of your mezzanine floor. The planning of the mezzanine floor will be in accordance with the standard mezzanine floor regulations.

After completing the design and installation paperwork, we secure and offload all required material in one go. Our end-to-end solutions consist of taking the clients’ duplicate keys before proceeding with the installation and safely handing it over after the successful completion of the project.

We complete all the production work as soon as possible by following proper mezzanine floor regulations and deliver the installed mezzanine floor to the customer.