Office Mezzanine

What is it?

Installing a mezzanine floor for the office is the perfect solution if you want to expand your workspace without investing in a new premise. Working in small, cramped spaces can hinder the productivity of the employees. On the other hand, transitioning to a new workplace can be hectic. This is where a mezzanine floor comes into play that will help you to create more floor space within the same infrastructure.

At Commercial Mezzanine, we help you increase your office’s workspace efficiently without paying an exorbitant amount. With a mezzanine floor design, you can expand your office-space as per your requirements instead of investing in a new space. Our mezzanine floors are high-quality, and with aesthetic design features, so you can enhance the overall look of your work environment.

How can Office Mezzanine help you?

An office mezzanine will aid in increasing the productivity of your employees. There are multiple advantages to installing a mezzanine floor:

  • Add more floor space in the same building within a shorter time that is cost-effective and efficient.
  • Have a more concise and streamlined work area where employees can work efficiently, thus producing more work output.
  • Plan a customised mezzanine office that will help you to bring all operations under one roof, according to your requirements.
  • If you are looking for an aesthetically designed office ambience, a mezzanine floor design can help you add the modern touch.
  • Growing businesses need proper structure and convenient office space. If you are seeking more work area for your organisation, then a mezzanine office is a great option.
  • If your office has unused space that you wish to use for added operations, a mezzanine floor will help you expand your workspace.

Why should you Choose Us?

Experienced Team

For over 20 years, we have built mezzanine floors & mezzanine offices with a team of specialists for several happy clients in the UK. Our excellent customer support team is always available to help you with queries related to our services.

Office Fit Out & Furniture all under one roof

Along with mezzanine flooring, we have over 24 years experience in Office Space Planning, Interior Design, Fit Out, Refurbishment, Partition and Furniture. We will manage everything from start to finish.In short, we are an end to end turnkey solution for Office Fit Out & Refurbishment.

Professional Staff

They ensure a smooth work progression that is completed within the stipulated time, safely and securely. Our experts ensure perfect installation and no inconvenience during our operations.

Analysing Work before Starting

At Commercial Mezzanine, we begin our operations with a site-survey to analyse and draft the perfect plan for your office space. We plan out a budget-friendly, personalised floor plan according to the dimensions and necessities of your office space.

Certified Services

Our experts are certified and qualified to provide you with the best mezzanine floor solutions. Commercial Mezzanine ensures high-quality work efficiency with the help of state-of-the-art equipment.

After Care

We are just a call or email away, in case you need any help with after care. Trust us to support you for a lifetime!

How do We Work?

Once we receive a particular query from the customers regarding their office floor expansion, we first understand the customer’s requirements. Customers can reach out to us anytime through the website.

Once we have understood the requirements, we send our professional team to survey the site and understand the project in detail. Our designers will analyse the site and draft a plan as per the requirements of the project. We provide end-to-end turn-key solutions, where we take the keys from the client, complete the work and hand over the keys back to the client soon as the job is done.

The whole process is well planned and organised by our experts in flooring, electrical, and interior design at Commercial Mezzanine. Feel free to reach out to us at 020 3915 8007 for any queries!