Office Floor Mezzanine

Maximise the Utilisation of Space with Office Floor Mezzanine

What is it?

Relocating a task force while expanding a business is not always the best foot forward since it takes time and disturbs the flow of work. Furthermore, buying or renting new land or building in the UK is a longer process and is expensive.

If you are stuck in such a problem, installing a mezzanine floor for offices is the best option. A mezzanine floor planning can double and even triple the floor space of a workplace or a warehouse and high ceiling office. Here at Commercial Mezzanine, we believe in the power to expand your workspace with efficient floor-planning and execution.

Suit Your Office's Vibe with An Intermediate Room

With a wide array of options for handrails, staircases, and decking options, you can increase the square footage of your high ceiling office without any investment in the new land.

These mezzanine options accommodate the ambience of your office while providing additional workspace. We offer the following services for office mezzanine floor:

  • Mezzanine floor design
  • Office mezzanine floor manufacturing
  • Structural calculations of office mezzanine
  • Installation of handrails, staircases, and landings
  • Column guards
  • Fire casings and fire rated ceilings

What are the Benefits of the Mezzanine Office?

If you have a warehouse or a workplace with high ceilings, you can utilise the negative space that remains empty and is not profitable. You can build intermediate floors that can be used as additional offices, storage, or any other that suits your needs. Building mezzanine offices can provide you with the following benefits.

  • Economical: You can tap into the unused overhead space with mezzanine floor construction. It will prevent blockage of capital that you would have invested in acquiring new property. An intermediate floor can be created without much investment or resources.
  • Efficient: You can save your time trying to organise a relocation and construction of a new workplace by opting for mezzanine office floor construction. The construction of a mezzanine floor takes just a few days to weeks.
  • Aesthetic: Maintain the vibe of your office with the design and construction of your choice. Mezzanine floor building is versatile and provides the option of customising it.
  • Portable: When you finally relocate, you can take your mezzanine with you. The powder coat applied makes it last for several years without any wear or tear.
  • Stability: The mezzanine floors can bear up to 4000 kilograms per square meter, making it a durable option in the price range. You can use multi-tier mezzanine floors to bear the load of multiple offices or multiple floors for storage.

Why Choose Commercial Mezzanine?

Commercial Mezzanine is the one-stop solution for all your mezzanine needs. From design to construction, our experts can provide the best result that you can hope for. Here are some reasons why you should choose us to maximise your workspace.

  • Experience: Our team of professionals consists of top-notch experts from each field. With over 20 years of experience, we can identify your needs and act on the project efficiently and effectively.
  • End-to-end Process: We provide you with a hassle-free solution to build the perfect mezzanine floor. Once you reach out to us, you will not have to worry about contacting anyone else. Our end-to-end process includes all the services from mezzanine construction, floor fit out, to furniture.
  • Time-saving: As all the services and taskforce required for constructing a mezzanine floor for an office or retail space are under one roof, it makes the process smoother and faster; saving you a lot of time.

How Do We Provide You with the Perfect Mezzanine Floor?

Our process is straightforward and requires minimum effort from your side. Through the following steps, you can have a mezzanine floor construction done quickly and reliably.

  • Contact Us: Give us a call at 020 3915 8007 or mail us at Discuss your requirements, prerequisites, and needs with our experts. The more details you give, the closer the end product will be to your vision.
  • Site Survey: The first official step towards building an office floor mezzanine is surveying the space. Our professionals will get the dimensions and other measurements of the place where you need an intermediate room to understand your requirement.
  • Get a Quotation: Based on your requirements and wishes, we will prepare a quotation. The quotation will be prepared as per your needs.
  • Technical Drawing and 3D views: Once all the requirements and quotation are signed and agreed, we will start with technical drawing and plans for the team to implement.
  • Construction: The team will stock the required construction material and begin building the mezzanine floor. It can take from 7 days to a few weeks, depending on the size. The provisions for electricity, water, and fire exit will be taken into account at this stage.
  • Designing: After the construction of the mezzanine floor is complete, the team will proceed with designing, fit out, and placement of furniture.

Please drop us a call at 020 3915 8007 or email us at and get a quotation now.