Mezzanine Balustrade Systems

Balustrade Systems – Ideal for Safety and Refurbishing

What is it?

At Commercial Mezzanine, we believe in the power of creating space instead of buying it. Besides providing secured mezzanine flooring, we offer you the best accessories that go with the suspended flooring system. This includes mezzanine balustrades, which are well known for their safety and style.

We have an impressive range of mezzanine balustrades. These offer a certain charm to your place while also not taking up too much of your space. Your safety is a top priority for us. We have experience in working and making the best and safest stainless steel products according to your requirement and needs.

We have supplied hundreds of warehouse owners with the best products of glass balustrades and stainless steel balustrades.

Why should one choose Mezzanine Balustrade?

A properly planned mezzanine floor makes optimum use of space, especially in a place with a high ceiling, like a warehouse. An internal railing can be fitted into the mezzanine floor to fix and optimise the flooring’s functionality. The beautifully stylish look is a bonus.

Some of the other advantages of having a Mezzanine flooring with a Balustrade system include:

  • A fully modified glass balustrade can be curved and straightened according to the curves of the mezzanine floors. These include the staircase railings.
  • Maximum light flow can be retained by well-planned mezzanine flooring using the balustrade glass windows. Handrails and staircases in stainless steel balustrade can add to blend in with the architectural finishes.
  • The Balustrade system goes along with the British Standards and Building regulations. The designs we make with balustrade shows excellent craftsmanship anywhere it is put. Let it be homes, offices, shops, or even businesses.

Types of Balustrade systems

There are many different types of internal staircases that can be installed during construction. Each provides a different effect on the building.

  1. Glass Systems: Glass systems are rarely used in houses but can be found abundantly in any commercial building. They redirect natural light making the space appear brighter and more expansive.
  2. Wrought Iron: Wrought Iron railing systems go well with stone staircases. They emphasise on the styles used to decorate the area and give the illusion of unlimited space.
  3. Stone or Marble: Renaissance and British Victorian architecture heavily favoured stone railing systems. Modern British architecture rarely uses stone or marble. However, they can easily make the space look more traditional.

Choosing a balustrade system depends entirely upon your choice of interiors. However, they can have a startling effect on your space.

Why choose Commercial Mezzanine?

With over 20 years in refurbishing office spaces and providing mezzanine floor solutions all across the UK, we provide best-in-class installation by using state-of-the-art technology. 

  • Our job is our priority. We provide you with qualified professional staff members who have over 15 years of experience installing the mezzanine flooring and Balustrade system. 
  • Our excellent customer service team ensures to answer all your queries with the utmost urgency. 
  • Our end-to-end solutions include taking care of everything when it comes to installing mezzanine Balustrade systems. Our first step after taking up a job is a site survey. We survey the plot of land that you wish to modify to understand your requirements. 
  • We plan out the designs and strategies as per your requirements and necessities. Our certified team of experts ensures to provide customised solutions. 

The Process

You might have many questions about how we conduct ourselves. Given below is the whole “start to the end” process of our job.

  • Clients can reach out to us via call or email. When we receive a query or work, the first thing we do is understand the project. The Mezzanine Balustrade system has to be well planned to be brought to its full potential. Understanding a project helps us understand the requirements and needs of the client.
  • Our team of experts then travel to the site where the work has to be done. This is necessary to survey the area and plan ahead as per the dimensions and requirements of the installation.
  • We provide clients with turn-key solutions. Once the client hands over the keys to us, we make sure to complete the work safely within the stipulated time. The client doesn’t have to worry about monitoring the work, and we return the key once the project is finished.
  • We are big on time management and doing our work in the most effective way possible. This is why we follow the policy of “all in one go”. This means that we secure all the required materials for the project before beginning the project. This helps in managing both your time and ours.

Call us today for any queries regarding mezzanine balustrade systems!