Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Make The Best Use of Storage Space with Mezzanine Floors

What is it?

Mezzanines are often used in industrial facilities such as warehouses, manufacturing units, or distribution centres. Industrial mezzanine floors use the overhead space in your existing property for constructing an intermediate floor or more, allowing you to expand your business operations by making more floor space. In order to provide access to this additional floor, a mezzanine staircase is built without involving large scale building work.

For safety reasons, customised handrails are fitted to the uncovered edges of the floor. Pallet gates are constructed for smooth loading of goods onto a mezzanine floor on a pallet. They build a permanent boundary between the operating and the floor edges, thereby ensuring that they do not slip off the floor while loading or unloading products.

Mezzanine floors can be built to a variety of requirements, such as different load ratings, designs, railing, etc. To provide a higher degree of permanence against applications that are corrosive, industrial mezzanine floors can be power painted in a variety of shades. Steel mezzanine is mostly installed in industrial storage facilities to ensure the safety of employees who work in multi-tiered establishments. Here at Commercial Mezzanine, we provide reliable and affordable solutions for all your industrial storage requirements.

What is the scope of this service?

There are several benefits to installing a mezzanine flooring system.

  • Increase in the storage space: Installation of an industrial mezzanine floor can provide you with additional storage space by constructing a second level above the ground floor. When designed and constructed by experts, mezzanines can increase the available space you have without causing any disturbances in the operations below.
  • Alternative to relocating: As firms expand, they often consider the need to move to a new location with more storage space. Mezzanine floors can save you from changing your site while you continue to broaden and meet your customers’ increasing demands. This reduces the costs involved in relocating and the disruptions in the operations.
  • Hassle-free: Besides utilising the industrial loft space in a budget-friendly way, installing mezzanine floors is easy and requires no permission for planning. They also provide better communication amongst the workers because of how they are built, unlike an office extension. This improves work efficiency, as well.
  • Affordability: The installation of mezzanine floors is the most cost-effective option when it comes to the addition of storage space at your facility. Extending or moving to a new building is expensive, which is why you need to choose a mezzanine floor to make the most of your investment.

Why should you Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for installing a mezzanine flooring system.

  • Experience: With 15+ years of experience in installing mezzanine floor systems, we guide our customers to optimise their storage spaces at affordable rates.
  • Reach: We offer our services all over the United Kingdom, thereby allowing us to have a broader reach with clients and industries from multiple backgrounds.
  • Quality: Our committed team is certified and qualified. We guarantee excellent customer service as we prioritise quality service. We conduct in-depth site surveys and give turn-key, end-to-end solutions to your storage issues.

The process-

All the processes from planning to installation are done methodologically and efficiently.

  • Contact our team: We first understand the requirements of your project after we receive your query. You can reach us via call or email. You can also contact us online by visiting our website or request a callback.
  • Site survey: To ensure that all the project requirements are met, a site survey is conducted. A team of professionals travels to the site for doing a thorough survey and understanding the necessities. We are also among the few to provide turn-key solutions to our customers.
  • Accurate Calculations and Quotation: Our team will give a detailed project plan with structural calculations and the estimated rate for the installation to our clients.
  • Design: Our team will prepare detailed drawings showing the layout of the mezzanine floors. This will be provided to you to get a better understanding of our operations.
  • Manufacture: Our production team secures all the needed materials at one go and offloads them directly onto the site for the further installation process.
  • Installation: Building regulations and safety requirements are thoroughly handled while installing mezzanine floors by our experts. Installations are done without any delays, and the keys are handed over after successful completion.

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