Mezzanine Decking Services

What is it?

Growing businesses require more space to cope up with increased demands. Mezzanine floor decks can be designed in the existing establishment to make more floor space. At Commercial Mezzanine, we offer a plethora of mezzanine decking alternatives to complement our flooring systems. Our team of experts ensures to install mezzanine decks as per the client requirements by using advanced equipment.

Our stainless steel mezzanine decks are moisture-resistant, wear-resistant, and have a non-slippery surface. The decks installed by our company are durable and come with a smooth finish. If you wish to expand your workspace, take advantage of the unused space in your warehouse or commercial retail store. Installing multi-tier mezzanine decks can add to productivity as well as the aesthetics of your business

Why do you need a mezzanine decking service?

The mezzanine decks can be installed and designed according to the client’s requirements. We have two decades of experience designing office spaces and mezzanines for various types of clients all across the UK. With proper mezzanine decking, not only will your floors have a stylish finish, but it will also provide a smooth surface for you to walk on.

Some of the benefits of availing of mezzanine services with decking options are:

  • Appearances can play a crucial role in your business. Our range of stylish deck options ranging from a wide variety of materials will enhance your business’s layout.
  • Decks offer a significant amount of friction, making it easier to walk on, thus reducing the number of slipping incidents.
  • There are alternative deck options under mezzanine services that allow the movement of light, air, and water to pass through the decking surface. Mezzanine floors can be customised as per design requirements.
  • Decks also support the weight of wheel loads on the surface. The smooth finish of the deck further allows them to move effortlessly.
  • Skid marks can make the place look shabby and unpleasant to look at. The additional layer of the deck on mezzanine floors makes it a non-skid surface.

Why choose Commercial Mezzanine?

Here at Commercial Mezzanine, we believe in the power of creating space rather than buying it.

  • Our professionals have over 15 years of experience in flooring, electrical, and interior design of mezzanine flooring systems. Over the years, we have had a high-profile clientele who were impressed with our skills.
  • Our employees ensure 100% customer satisfaction both during and after the completion of the project. Furthermore, our experts are happy to answer any queries the consumers may have.
  • Our team conducts a thorough site survey to understand the property’s layout and form a basic plan accordingly.
  • Our team of certified professionals has expertise in working with heavy-duty, state-of-the-art equipment. You do not need to worry about the project once we take over.
  • Our business is consumer-oriented. The necessities and wants of our consumer is our priority. We aim to serve high-quality mezzanine services only.

The Process

As a client, you may have questions about how we work. Read below to understand how we complete the process from beginning to end.

Our first step is to comprehend the project when we receive a query from the client. Clients can reach out to us via call or by email. Mezzanine steel decking has to be well-planned and executed, which leaves no room for errors. Our professionals make sure to understand the needs of the client.

Next, our team of professionals do all the fieldwork needed to assess the plot and familiarize themselves with the project. This site-survey helps them get the first-hand experience of the project and ideas for potential designs.

We offer turn-key solutions to all our clients. The client only needs to supply a copy of the key to our company, and we do all the work from scratch. There is no need for the client to stress about overlooking the project. Our professionals hand over the key after the job is done.

We value all our clients and understand how precious their time is. Our team works together in an efficient “all in one go” manner, which means that the project’s necessary materials are all secured in one-go.

Feel free to reach out to us at 020 3915 8007 for all your mezzanine decking queries!