Mezzanine Pallet Gates

Increase the safety of your Mezzanine floors with Pallet Gates

What is it?

A pallet gate is a unique style of safety gate for industrial facilities to ensure safe loading and unloading of pallets on entry points and mezzanine floors. The mezzanine pallet gates are generally used in distribution centres and warehouses and are designed to provide safe access solutions to warehouse workers and employees.

The pallet gate facilitates a smooth transfer of heavyweight items between different levels of the mezzanine floor. Furthermore, they also protect the workers at the exposed ends of the suspended floors. The pallet safety gates installed by our company are highly reliable and durable, which comes with a stunning finish. Depending upon the project, our professionals offer the most economical, reliable and appropriate pallet gate for installation.

Beneficial uses of this Service

Warehouses and other similar commercial or industrial places without a safety gate are incomplete. Our company offers a myriad of pallet gates for our clients to choose from. All of the alternatives are made of the highest quality materials, which makes it extremely durable.

Some advantages of using this service are:

  • The safety of workers always comes first. Our pallet gates will considerably decrease workplace hazards by making it a safe place for your workers.
  • Transportation of heavyweight materials from one floor to another can be exhausting. By following simple instructions, one can use the lift. No prior skill is required to operate pallet gates across mezzanine floors. This enhances the efficiency of the workplace by a considerable amount.
  • Time is valuable to you, your workers, and every company. The pallet gates save a lot of time for businesses that require constant shifting of goods. It enables an optimum working environment to increase profits.
  • A pallet safety gate is a much more economical and efficient technique for shifting goods than installing a goods lift.

What other safety features can you install?

During refurbishing or construction, safety should always be a priority. There are many other services you should consider while installing pallet gates:

  1. Handrail systems: Handrail systems are a simple safety feature. They provide a convenient area to grab onto while traveling up and down a staircase.
  2. Balusters: Balusters are a combination of spindles and handrails. They’re very much like handrails and can be used as support systems while transporting goods.
  3. Column Casings: Adding column casings to your mezzanine floors can significantly increase their stability.
  4. Cavity Barriers: The function of a cavity barrier is to direct smoke and flames through the actual ceiling and away from mezzanine floor structures. They’re vertical barriers that can be built in actual ceilings.

Why should you choose us for Mezzanine Pallet Gates Services?

Commercial Mezzanines believes in providing high-quality services that ensure the safety of your employees and enhance the productivity of your organization.

  • We have over 20 years of experience in mezzanine flooring & design, Office Fit Out & Refurbishment and Furniture. We know it inside out
  • We have excellent customer service and a helpline team to answer all your inquiries.
  • To get hands-on experience of the project, our experts take a survey of the space before starting the planning process.
  • All of our employees undergo a meticulous screening process before hiring to ensure that they are certified and qualified for the job.
  • Our company has gained a respectable reputation and favouritism among clients for us for our simple approach, high quality and customer service.

Insights on how We Work

It is natural to have questions regarding our work process and technique. To ensure that our customers understand how we work, here is an in-depth guide to the process.

  • After we receive a query from the consumer, our team of experts makes sure to understand the basics of the project. You can also reach us anytime through our website.
  • Next, we proceed to do the fieldwork research for the project. An experienced crew of members will reach the site and conduct a primary survey to discern the requirements of the clients.
  • Our turn-key solutions are one of the prominently used services used by our clients. Under this service, the customer provides us with the duplicate key of the establishment. Our employees make sure to install the pallet gates efficiently and hand over the key after the job is completed. Our clients do not need to stress about monitoring the project.
  • Another working method followed by our company is the “all in one go” policy. This means that the required necessities for the project are secured before starting the project. This increases our time-efficiency and ensures proper management.