Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection

What is Mezzanine Floor Protection?

What is it?

Mezzanine floors serve as an intermediate space in a warehouse or commercial facilities in the form of a suspended floor between the ground and the high-ceiling. They are installed to make floor space in the existing establishment, eliminating the need to relocate for additional space. Suspended above a certain height, multi-tier mezzanine floors provide increased storage space and ease of multiple operations.

Talking about the flooring facilities, the mezzanine floor fire protection is a step towards responsible construction, which becomes an obligatory step prior to floor construction. We at Commercial Mezzanine ensure to follow all standard guidelines while installing mezzanine floor protection. Just like the floors need to be fireproof, the safety gates are also an essential aspect to be taken care of.

What is the scope of this Service?

Employees who work in fast-paced warehouse facilities or commercial spaces understand the risk of a fire hazard. Every organisation must install mezzanine floor fire protection to ensure their employees’ safety and secure them from any mishaps.

Multi-tiered mezzanines include through-floor conveyors, integrated lifts, and suspended ceilings with electrical circuits running between them. Installing fire protection on the mezzanine floors secures the employees from short-circuits and fire hazards.

Heat-resistant and fire-retardant mezzanine flooring ensure the safety of the warehouse and its storage space. Fire protection helps retain the quality of flooring. Before constructing a building, it is mandatory to obtain authorisation for fireproof flooring.

Cavity barriers are designed to prevent smoke and flames from travelling through the cavity between the ceiling and underside of a mezzanine floor, thus ensuring mezzanine safety. Open edges of suspended mezzanine floors are covered with fire-rated protection systems that match the columns’ specifications. This will ensure the safety and health of the employees of your organisation.

Mezzanine safety is also ensured by installing a sprinkler system beneath the flooring system. Safe fire-rated partitions can be installed across the mezzanine to restrict the fire flames during any fire hazard.

Why choose Commercial Mezzanine?

At Commercial Mezzanine, we believe in providing mezzanine flooring solutions that abide by all the high standards and fire safety regulations. Here are the reasons which make us one of the best in the business-

  • Our team of experts is vastly experienced with over a decade under their belt in Space Planning & Interior Design, Office Fit Out & Refurbishment, Office Partitions, Flooring, Ceiling and Furniture; and safety is at the heart of all our work and solutions.
  • With experience of almost 25 years in refurbishing and designing office spaces and mezzanine floors, our certified and qualified workforce ensures the installation of flooring systems by following all the industry standards.
  • Our customer service team is happy to help with a smile.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is our site survey provision, where we visit the location before proceeding with our planning and installation.

Our Working Process

Our working process is meticulously planned. We believe in customer satisfaction and have always made that our priority. Every issue is deeply analysed, and solutions are provided relevantly. Our customer service executives make sure to provide answers to all kinds of queries. We provide cost-effective, mezzanine floor fire protection and ensure safe construction.

Upon receiving a query, we aim to understand the project and then provide a customised solution to it. Reaching out to us is also very easy and convenient. We are available for you through our official site and via call as well. After receiving the query and finally knowing the issue, we go for the site visit for a quick analysation. We survey the area and figure out the requirements.

We provide turn-key solutions where we take the keys of our clients and return it upon fulfilling the project. Clients do not need to overlook our operations as we provide hassle-free services without disrupting the workflow of the workspace.

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