Mezzanine Staircases

Mezzanine is one of the ultimate ways of utilising any space – storehouse or office. It is the extra floor that is created between the ground floor and a high ceiling, provided there is sufficient vertical space.

Just like how it is important to choose the most adept mezzanine plan and the mezzanine construction company, the Mezzanine Staircases are also equally important. They need to be expertly planned. At the same time, the stairs for the Mezzanine floor can look great if planned and done well. We at Commercial Mezzanines ensure to provide tailor-made staircases to provide support and safety to your mezzanine flooring systems.

Besides Mezzanine Staircases, our team provides services in furniture, flooring, electrical, commercial space, interior design, refurbishing (for everything like handrails, doors, staircases, etc.) – all your needs are addressed under one roof. There are only a few who provide end-to-end services as we do.

Avail of our specially curated services and see for yourself how certain changes to the limited space can do wonders!

Scope of the Service

Installing a mezzanine staircase has loads of uses. Some of the ways how it proves worthy are:

  • In the contemporary world where we are faced again and again with the issue of space management, mezzanine presents itself as the apt answer. The main benefit that the mezzanine provides is that it uses the already existing space to create new space. Stairs for mezzanine floor help people move between the floors easily.
  • An internal staircase imparts grace to the new space and adds an aesthetic appeal to the office or any commercial space. It helps attract more customers by giving out a positive vibe in contrast to a dull-looking place that drives the customers away.
  • The intermediate floor and stairs can be customised in various ways to suit the customer’s needs. This flexibility is what makes them so helpful. Elements such as colour, texture, and kind of baluster; the handrail’s type and colour; the run and the stringer; and the staircase’s height can be built with the desired amount of sturdiness, thus making them the all-purpose entity.

Why Choose Us?

With experience of over 20 years in designing offices and mezzanine floors for various establishments, our team is the one-stop solution for all your mezzanine requirements.

  • Our team consists of dedicated employees who are extremely professional and highly trained with over 15 years of experience.
  • Our services reach out to all parts of England and some parts of Wales (not in Ireland and Scotland).
  • We first make a thorough survey of the site to get a clear idea of the possibilities and then provide the best results.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology to complete all kinds of projects and installations.

Our Working Process

While doing any work, we keep in mind that it is essential to go through the basics of the things to get to the desired result. Therefore, whenever we come across a query, we first analyse what the project requires.

We engage in a thorough survey of the site with our expert surveyors’ help and take considerate note of each requirement. Having understood the requirements, we bring all the necessary equipment at once to the site and commence the job.

We also provide turn-key solutions, i.e., the process is entirely end-to-end and involves no hassle of going through any third party. We deliver the mezzanine staircases directly to the client along with the duplicate keys after a successful installation.

Apart from that, we also deal with mezzanine floor furniture, furniture for offices in general, office designs, and all kinds of workspace refurbishments.

You can contact us online at any point in time at our email You can also give us a call at 020 3915 8007.