Manufacturing Industry

What is it?

Manufacturing industries and warehouses are always in need of more space. If you have a sudden boom in your manufacturing business and need more storage or office space, installing mezzanine floors is your best solution. They provide you with extra floor space without expanding the area of your property. They are a cheaper, more economical, and time-efficient solution that uses the unused space of manufacturing facilities that house high-ceilings. These high ceiling room ideas will expand the area without much investment.

At Commercial Mezzanine, we create an additional workspace in your manufacturing facility by installing single or multi-level mezzanine floors. Our mezzanine floor designs are customised as per the requirement of your business.

Advantages of Mezzanine Structures for Manufacturing Industries

Contracting or leasing an additional piece of land can be a long and expensive process when you need extra space. It makes management of goods and products difficult as well, as now you have to oversee two or more warehouses. The mezzanine floor solves this problem by providing an intermediate floor in the warehouse.

  • Cost-effective: The construction material, as well as the execution process for warehouse mezzanine structures, is much cheaper than counter options. It eliminates the need to get permission for construction on new land as well.
  • Saves time: You can get an additional floor in seven to ten days if you go for a mezzanine floor solution. You will not have to relocate for construction or hamper your workflow to accommodate the construction as well.
  • Bespoke Designs: No matter what your requirement is, the mezzanine floor can be tailored and customised as per your needs. Whether you need a loft space or an additional floor to store your goods, there is a mezzanine solution available for you.
  • Productivity and management: You can get an instant boost in productivity and management with multi-tier mezzanine floors. It makes it possible for you to manage, manufacture, and stock all your commodities in one place.

Why Should You opt for Commercial Mezzanine?

We have been working and growing in this field for over 20 years because of our expertise. Listed below are the essential features that make us a company of choice for a warehouse mezzanine.

Turn-key Approach

Our dedicated team comprises experts that handle all the aspects of intermediate floor construction. We handle all the elements of interior designing, planning, manufacturing and installation.


Each professional who is a part of our team carries 15 or more years of experience working in their relevant field. We understand the needs of the clients and execute them into reality seamlessly.


No matter where you are located in the UK, our services will reach you. We are available in all parts of the UK.

The Process

With one call to Commercial Mezzanine, you can get the mezzanine floor for your industrial building from 7 to 10 days. The following points explain our process.

  • Reach Out to Us: Give us a call and provide all the necessary details. If you don’t have a design in mind and would like us to work out the best solution, no problem. Our experts will design the perfect mezzanine solution for you.
  • Site Survey: Our experts will thoroughly survey the premises, get the dimensions and requirements where the warehouse mezzanine is to be constructed.
  • Quotation: Our executives will prepare a quotation for your consideration and sign off.
  • CAD Design: As per your requirements and the available area, our team of experienced technicians will create 3D and technical drawings. You can revise the design so that it aligns with your vision perfectly.
  • Execution: The construction team will procure the required material equipment and begin construction. While the construction is ongoing, your warehouse or industrial building can still function as per your needs.
  • Final Touches: Once the mezzanine construction is concluded, our team of designers will equip the additional intermediate floor with furniture that suits your needs.

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