6 Of The Best Warehouse Mezzanine Ideas

For all those who wish to expand their existing business and feel your warehouses are too cramped, a warehouse mezzanine could be a good solution! Many businesses experience storage issues and have to stack up all their materials together. In such a scenario, one could opt for a warehouse facility to be double or even triple storeyed. The overall cost associated with such an installation in your warehouse is not so high.

Having a good design for your warehouse may sound very simple, but it requires a lot of time and thinking. The task may be a bit complicated and so would call for the need of an expert.  The design of your existing warehouse could be affecting the overall operations and productivity of your business.

We at Commercial Mezzanine are there to offer you the best and the most cost-effective warehouse mezzanine designs. Yes, it is possible to have more area within the existing premises of your warehouse accompanied with so many advantages! It won’t be trouble for you to store your extra stocks now.

Managing your inventory won’t be tedious anymore!! A new warehouse is now being built between the floors of an existing warehouse!!! And not to forget how it will add to the existing value of your overall business. This type of solution could be permanent as well as temporary. You can even dismantle the extra floor you have added when not in need.

Clever Warehouse Space Planning Ideas

One can consider a lot of options when it comes to redesigning your warehouse. However, several aspects and factors need to be considered for which you may want to seek the advice of an expert. At Commercial Mezzanine, we can assist you in solving your confusion!! You can select from the following designs:

  • A Rack Supported Structure
    This form of system involves the use of pallet racks. The arrangement enables to have more space and area in between pallets. Implementing the same makes loading and unloading easy. Also referred to as a catwalk layout, there are multiple places to stock up your extra material.
  • Freestanding System
    This option is very flexible. This is because such a structure is portable in nature and can fit into any form of space. The process of assembly is simple and easy. The design for the same is usually wide, and one can make sure that implementation of the same can help reduce the flow of traffic within an existing premise.
  • A Shelved Warehouse
    The shelved system serves the purpose of a base for the mezzanine. It is a good and economical solution to recreate your existing structure. This type of design gives a pretty look! The bay would be built on shelves, which would stand on the support of four legs. The shelves are very sturdy to take all the extra load. One can also dismantle the same when not in use, thus ensuring overall flexibility along with durability.
  • A U-Shaped System
    In this form of design, one can send and receive through the medium of docks that are placed close to each other. It allows easy flow of material, equipment, or even personnel between docks. This type of design is very common and reduces time and energy for product handling. Because of the extra elevation, the movement within an extra shared premise becomes easy, and one can have more storage space within an existing facility.
  • I-Shaped or L-Shaped
    Such a form of a structure has the shipping and receiving points located at different ends. This would require more space in comparison to a U- Shaped system. For warehouses with large areas, this type of design is a feasible solution. Where one needs to have more security because the warehouse premises are vast, the option of I-shaped or L-Shaped can come in handy.
  • Adding A Simple, Elegant Floor
    For small warehouses which require more space due to an increased demand for more products, this would be the most economical solution. One can also consider this option if vertical storage is not required in your warehouse. The inclusion of an extra floor could help in increasing the overall efficiency of your existing business.

Bottom Line

At Commercial Mezzanine, our professional staff will guide you to make a good decision for yourself. You can explore our website and see for yourself the work we offer to our customers.  Our job is to make sure that we do not disappoint our clients. Our trained personnel will quickly explore and survey your existing premises and help you make a good decision for your business.

The designs we offer can also be customised as per your needs. The decision of modifying your existing premises requires a good amount of thinking along with revenue. We offer good service at discounted prices. A decision that you will not regret. Where client satisfaction is our top priority, our professionally trained staff is always available to resolve your new and old troubles of warehouse issues!